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Tidal are registered architects based on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast regions of Queensland, specialising in:

  • New Homes
  • Renovations
  • Extensions

The Tidal process is centered around team collaboration and listening closely to our client’s needs.

Tidal Architects is a client-focused studio creating beautiful homes with a focus on natural light and raw materials.

Using world class VR technology, Tidal create Projects that are shaped by climate, our love of nature, the connections between ‘inside and outside’, and our Client’s specific needs.

Tidal is influenced by the fundamental principles of Biophilia, that is the benefits of human interactions with nature, which is proven to improve health, increase cognitive function and reduce stress.



Tidal Architects work only on a select number of projects each year to allow us the benefit of a more concentrated and personalised service to our clients.


The client brief, budget, site context and aesthetics all inform the concept.

We work closely with our clients in these initial stages to develop and distill ideas, often years in the making, to form the very beginnings of their own unique Home.

Aesthetically speaking, Tidal is not confined to particular style of architecture, instead preferring to work closely with our Clients, producing a Concept that responds to Site, Context and our Client’s own desires.


Services - Concepts

Whether you are yet to source your ideal piece of land, already have a site, or are renovating your existing Home, our process begins the same way, establishment of a detailed client brief.

Using the Brief and by referencing local planning controls specific to your site Tidal Architects undergo feasibility studies to help you maximise the potential for your Site.

Tidal will identify early the constraints and opportunities available, while at the same time testing form, views, materials and finishes of your Project.

As always the Client brief will help inform many decisions, including budget, functions, materiality, and sometimes even the site itself.


Services - Design

As part of our personalised service, Tidal Architects guide our clients through every stage of the design, selecting a Builder and the build process. This goes much further than just the production of a concept design.

Biophilic design principles combined with solid architectural principles of form, function and materiality create a great concept, but it is during the Design Development stage that a Concept is progressed into a much more detailed set of drawings for the purposes of pricing, to ultimately result in an architecturally designed Home that will serve to nurture the health and well being of it’s occupants.


With our experience in administering construction contracts on small to very large projects, we work hard to protect the interests of our clients every step of the way. Put simply, a poorly managed process can result in a project which not only falls short of expectations but also costs more than it should. Budget blowouts and extensions of construction program place owners in a very difficult predicament and are to be avoided at all costs.








Using Biophilic design as reference, every Tidal Architects project is centered around our client, site context and collaboration.



It’s not JUST about us… it’s alSO about you!

Odd as it may sound, WE BELIEVE THAT IT’S THE relationships, communication and mutual respect THAT are vital ingredients in the process of CREATING a BEAUTIFUL HOME..

Michael Woodward

Registered Architect | Creative Director

With a passion for design inspired by nature, Michael brings his unique set of skills and perspective to the fore on all Tidal projects. Combining his deep connection with the Australian bush with 20+ years in the Australian construction industry, including being mentored in Australia’s leading architectural firms FJMT and Woods Bagot, Michael applies a pragmatic but empathetic approach to the design process.

With Studios based on the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Queensland, and with projects stretching between PNG in the north and Hobart in the south, Michael travels far and wide to spend time on every site before beginning the design process. With an understanding of how architecture is shaped by location, and with a sensibility for landscape, weather and materiality, Michael is able to create buildings that are truly adapted to the site on which they sit, while providing beautiful, inspiring and healthy spaces to live.


# Blog: The Tidal Zone

The space between sea and shore. A great place for all sorts of interesting THINGS TO OCCUR.

Michael is a very down to earth and approachable architect, whose clear goal is to help his clients. His principles are very nature based and sympathetic to the environment.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for any project, large or small.
Geoff Powell
Michael is professional, timely and trustworthy. His ethics are first rate and he understands the process of building as much as he does the principles of design. Highly recommended.
Louis Rogers

Tidal Architects are a client-focused studio creating beautiful homes with a focus on natural light and raw materials. Our architecture is shaped by climate, our love of nature and the connections between ‘inside and outside’. Tidal is influenced by the fundamental principles of biophilia, that is the benefits of human interactions with nature, that is proven to increase cognitive function and reduce stress.



The first step is making contact. After That, we listen and communicate promptly and clearly.

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